Early & Absentee Voting

Early Voting
Illinois voters are eligible to vote early without needing a reason to do so.

Early voting will be conducted on touch screens that store every ballot style in the county. Registered voters in suburban Cook County can vote early at any 1 of the 45 designated early voting sites.

Please be advised that the Village of Worth is not a designated early voting or in-person voting site. The list of early voting sites can be found on the Cook County Clerk’s website. Unlike absentee voting, voters do not need to provide a reason or excuse to vote early.

Absentee Voting
Certain voters may be eligible to vote as absent electors. If any of the following 11 categories apply to you on Election Day, you would be eligible for absentee voting either by mail or in-person. A voter who:
  • Expects to be absent from Cook County
  • Is a student attending an institution of higher education, and therefore, temporarily residing at an address out of their precinct
  • Expects to be temporarily absent from the country
  • Shall be serving as a Judge of Election in a precinct other than the precinct of residence
  • Shall be performing official election duties for an Election Authority or Law Enforcement Agency
  • Shall be observing a religious holiday
  • Is serving as a juror on a State or Federal jury
  • Is incarcerated as a pretrial detainee and not serving a sentence of confinement
  • Is physically handicapped
  • Is registered to vote at a nursing home or other care facility
  • Is a grace-period registrant

Individuals qualified to vote by absentee ballot may make application for a ballot to the Cook County Clerk by mail. Absentee applications to vote by mail are available at the Village Hall approximately 4-5 weeks before an election. In-person absentee voting will take place during the 4 day period prior to an election and is offered at courthouse mini centers and the downtown administration building.