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Maple Tree Tar Spot Fungus

The majority of the Silver Maple trees throughout the Village this year have an issue called tar spot fungus.  It’s most common in Silver Maples but, can occasionally affect other Maple species. This condition is brought on by cool, damp, windy spring weather.  As the season progresses, the spots become more noticeable.  Trees may shed some foliage due to the fungus and recent hot weather. Typically, it does not cause any long term damage to the tree or require treatment.  The trees should bloom out next season as if nothing happened.  However, depending on the spring weather could re- occur.

Rake-up and discard of fallen leaves if possible. Also, water trees when we receive less than 2” of rainfall in a week.  This will help to offset some of the stress.

Maple Tree Tar Spot Fungus