Locking Your Car & Vehicle Theft

Patrol has taken reports from numerous citizens that left their cars unlocked and during the night unknown subjects entered the vehicle and stole whatever they could get their hands on. This has happened even when the vehicle was parked in the driveway, by the house, in a well lighted area.

Help Us Help You By Locking Your Car
  • Do not leave valuables visible in the window even when locked.
  • Do not leave GPS units on your dash or in plain view, take them inside or hide them under the seat!
  • Do not leave the keys of your car inside your car, Patrol has taken reports of vehicles stolen as a result.
Vehicle Towing
Know your apartment or condo association policy on guest parking. Vehicles are being towed by contracted towing services because they were parked against the rules of your apartment or condo association. These are not police tows and your recourse is a civil matter. Parking lots with these policies in effect have a sign posted with a phone number where you can call about your vehicle's status. If the towing company does not know the status of your vehicle, call the police immediately.